L’Innovation Responsable - séminaire le 24 Avril avec Sally Randles (Manchester)

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Le 24 Avril 2013, Sally Randles (université de Manchester) interviendra à l’ESIEE dans le cadre du séminaire IFRIS sur l’innovation responsable et du projet ANR NanoExpectation.

Ce séminaire se tiendra le mercredi 24 avril, de 10H00 à 12h00, dans la salle de conseil de l’ESIEE (Champs-sur-Marne, RER A Noisy-Champs).

Sa présentation a pour titre "Responsible Innovation: Issues and Avenues for Empirical Inquiry and Analysis"

Séminaire ouvert à tous!

Bien cordialement, Aurélie Delemarle (LATTS-ESIEE) Pierre-Benoit Joly (SENS-INRA) Philippe Laredo (LATTS-ENPC) Allison Loconto (SENS-INRA)

Résumé de l’intervention: The first entry point for this presentation is the proposition that innovation is always governed, whether the modes, practices or instruments of governance are taken as an explicit focus of social science inquiry or not. The second is that innovation is about transformations: transformations of processes, products, practices, business or policy models, organisations, or the perspectives of actors in their multiple roles: consumers, producers, users, scientists. The third is that Responsible Governance is governance which steers innovation according to sets of normative criteria, as opposed to other co-present and not necessarily mutually exclusive considerations such as functional (fit-for-purpose) or aesthetic/semiotic (reputation-building) considerations. The topic of this paper is the thorny, but often omitted, question of how to translate and operationalise these propositions into social inquiry and method, since if innovation is always governed how do we ‘explore’ or ‘test for’ Responsible Innovation? How do we know it when we see it?

The presentation offers for discussion these questions and proposes a very preliminary set of five criteria for the ex-post investigation of phenomena we believe to be ex-ante occurring; and therefore empirically observable and systematically analysable. It builds upon the ‘Roundtable’ on Responsible Innovation and Responsible Governance, convened at the S.NET meeting in Tempe, Arizona (2011) where a group of trans-Atlantic academic and policy actors (one might say ‘key actor’ voices primarily from Europe and USA) gathered to discuss a fairly open brief. This Roundtable allowed them to range as they wished over the topic of Responsible Innovation and Responsible Governance covering conceptual, practice, decision-making, and policy perspectives. A very preliminary report of the Roundtable was included in the S.NET 2011 conference proceedings. This presentation is based on a chapter to be included in the S.NET 2012 proceedings (authored by Sally Randles and Philippe Laredo) based on their paper presented to S.NET, Twente, in 2012. It takes the Tempe Roundtable as a jumping-off point and builds towards a series of related essays.

Biographie Dr Sally Randles is Senior Research Fellow at MIoIR and Co-Director of the Sustainable Consumption Institute Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Manchester. Her research focus is emergent technologies, governance and society. As Principal Investigator for the University of Manchester on the (2009) FP7, NANOPLAT project she led on value chains in nano-consumer products and distributed governance. She is currently co-PI for Manchester on the 3 year FP7 RES-AGORA (commissioned February 2013) on socio-normative governance frameworks for responsible research and innovation. She holds a BSc in Management Sciences from Lancaster University, an MBA and a PhD from the University of Manchester in urban geography and political economy. Previous posts include principal economic development officer within regional government in the UK and survey officer and author at the UK Consumers’ Association publishers of ‘Which?’ magazine.

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